June 27-29, 2022

Our third annual wellness summit embarked on a new experience in collaboration with the National Wellness Institute. Together we brought to attendees the worldwide voice of the wellness community to help enhance learning, connection and growth over a specially curated three-day event. This unique event connected both international and Canadian leading experts to bring attendees an unmatched wellness offering.

The impacts of Covid-19 have pushed personal well-being and wellness to the forefront, which is now exploding with opportunities for reinventing workplaces, workstyles and digital health.

91% of attendees had a great experience at the wellness summit

87% of attendees feel empowered to build a healthy workplace culture in their organization

86% of attendees think the speakers provided relevant material and content that could be applied to their organizations

Attendees learned how to

  • support employees’ well-being during times of change;
  • manage burnout and enhance mental health personally and professionally;
  • include diverse and inclusive employee perspectives in the complex and changing workforce of today;
  • improve employee access and engagement within diverse workplaces and hybrid work environments;
  • deliver effective virtual programs; and
  • implement strategies for mindfulness, motivation and behaviour change to maximize employee performance and individual well-being.

Keynote speakers

Dexter Shurney
Candice Schaefer

Session speakers

Dr. Tyler Amell
Lisa Belanger
Melanie Fuller
Stéphane Grenier
Bill Howatt
Raja Mita
Trevor Wilson
Colin Bullen
Sam Dolezal
Richard Jones
Chelsea Kidd
Christina Peterson
Danielle Posa
Hanlie van Wyk

What attendees are saying about The Wellness Summit

So many great speakers that there were 'nuggets' in each session as take-aways.

This was my first time attending and I loved the variety of speakers. The topics were relevant and interesting.

Great topics and presenters - the information was timely and relevant. Website and links to sessions was absolutely user friendly. Great set up with easy access and ability to follow along.

This hybrid platform was excellent, especially the inclusion of the "on demand" feature.

Virtual platform was fantastic - really easy to use. Liked the opportunity to choose sessions.

It would be great to have all the discussion in the on-demand, as one can miss one session with an urgent matter from work, which allows to catch up, or as it happened to me, I really wanted to watch one speaker again, as there was so much that was said in a short time

This event is delivered in collaboration with the National Wellness Institute.

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