Colin Bullen

Colin is the Founder and Director of Virtuositeam (previously Change Craft) with partner Hanlie van Wyk, a business established to help teams and the organisations they form part of become exceptional through a deep understanding of human behaviour. In business, he is the technician, consultant, evaluator and strategist. A true road-less-travelled devotee, he qualified as an actuary in 1992 in the UK before spending 13 years in South Africa. During this time, he has steadily broadened his métier into health, well-being, behavioural psychology, leadership, strategy, assessment and data. Colin has a true passion for helping companies find their human touch, whilst accelerating their performance and focusing their vision. Colin is also one of the creators of the behavioural research database that is BRATLAB. His past lives include founding Habits at Work, heading Global Health and Wellbeing at Aon and various leadership roles in the UK and South Africa. Outside of work, he’ll be on a golf course, in the gym, riding his mountain bike or walking to the pub on a ceaseless quest for the perfect pint of real ale.